Small Molecules and Biologics

Traditional small molecules and biologics

Dramatically improving quality of life and survival

More than 200 traditional small molecules and biologics have been approved for rare disorders and orphan indications. As such, we believe they still provide great opportunities for those rare disorders that cannot be treated with advanced therapies, such as rare infections or acquired orphan disorders.

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Key features of great opportunities for us  are:

  • proprietary animal models
  • animal models predictive of for clinical 
  • early proof of concept already achieved
  • formulation adequate to state of development
  • disease clinically relatively well known
  • inventor on board with the company
  • management team’s strong network with key opinion leaders in relevant disease space
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We invest in companies developing early stage treatments in

  • discovery

  • pre-clinical

  • early clinical stage

We do not have any preference for any of these three stages, but we acknowledge that risks and returns may vary according to the stage of development reached.

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There are 6,000 – 7,000 known rare diseases but new ones are being diagnoses every day.

More than 90% of known rare diseases do not have any approved treatment.

For the few diseases for which an approved therapy exists, it is hardly defined as a definitive cure.